I've done some work on the buildings of Toddington these past few weeks. Building up the village and giving it some shape, im quite happy with some of the building, so bellow is what ive build so far and a liitle bit about them.

Sorry i haven't updated for a while, i was going to over a week ago before i went away but i just ran out of time! So ive done a fare amount more on the west coast of the Isle of Newshore, I've fleshed out some of Toddington with roads and lots so thats basically finished. Then i went on to putting the forest around Toddington Manor, as you can see one side is finished. In the wood theres a small group of lots, in the middle is a fishing spot and round the out side is going to be 4 log/wooden houses. Also Beacons Point has been edited a lot but i'm still not completely happy with. Above Toddington there is some of the farmland with barns and lots for farm houses this is where I've done the main part of the terrain sculpting so now it is quite hilly which i quite like so I'm going to keep working on that. 

Keep Simming :)