Its been about 2 months since i last blogged, a huge gap again!! but i just keep being really busy or when i get time to play what i manage to do isn't worth showing people :/ I am still alive however and really trying to make more time for Sims and to accomplish more. 

Anyway, as i put in my last post i wanted to get some of my houses up for download so, if you wanted, you could have them in your game too. I was then told how easy and simple it was to put houses on the Sims 3 Exchange by Jenba (Greetings from Mt. Geneva) so as you may have guessed by the title of this post i have done exacly that put a few of my houses on the exchange.

There are 3 houses below with a small description of the lot and the link to download them and If you want more pictures and information then click on More Information link :)