Hey all, 
I've finally finished Fridam's Library, not that its taken me long haha - yeah right! The towns council wanted to keep the historical heritage of the buildings and have restored it to its former glory. 

Downstairs is the lobby with two staircases leading upstairs, on both sides of the lobby is a reading room with bookshelf's and armchairs. At the back is a long room, the study room, there is enclosed desks to bring your own laptop or sit and write, and some sofas next to the fire place to warm up and get into a good book. 

Upstairs holds the toilets but also an Education or teaching room well as a meeting or conference room. On both sides of the stairs as the young and older children's reading areas. Due to the heritage of the building the paneling in these areas had to remain so colour was introduced through pictures and posters but also bright rugs and colorful furniture. 

Outside is a small paved garden where you can sit, play chess or do a little painting. 
Note: Originally the upstairs of the library was very modern with a computer and art room as well as the a bigger children's area but i thought the contrast from downstairs was too weird. I instead decided to change the layout and have a smaller children's area and am going to build a more modern community center with a larger computer area, art room and bigger children's space. I'm actually much happier with the new layout anyway :) i was trying to fit too much into a small space. 
(also ignore the build mode lines in some pictures and the missing downstairs overview  when i remember I'm going to re-take those pictures) 

Hope you like the library and thanks for looking :)
Keep Simming 
The other day i finally got University Life! Yay! I know I'm a bit late to the whole new world and all but these are just a few pictures of the campus that i took while looking around. I love the new rabbit hole campus buildings and the new lots. 
The pictures mainly taken at night or in the evening when i think this world looks its best. I also explored out to the little islands. 
Thanks for taking a look and hopefully i can post some pictures of Florence at Uni soon :)
FIrdam Valley is the name of my remake of Constant Springs, that i was working on before my exams. I finished most of the rabbithole lots so i thought i would share the pictures of those now while i remember. There are a few little changes i want to make to the lots (most importantly the school has the wrong colour wall). 
Hope that that pictures all work for you - first time I've tried posting them this way - so let me know if its ok. 

Thanks for looking :)