Hello again, 

Not sure if anyone comes here anymore as i haven't posted in 6 months, sorry, but sadly real life got in the way. I've just finished my A-Levels however so i'm getting back into playing, building and blogging.

I did consider just deleting this blog and starting a new one, but i didn't want to lose my old stories and post, but also its almost 2 years old so i didn't want to lose that too. In the end 
I decided to give me blog a little makeover and am looking forward to getting back into it and sharing what I've been up to with the Sims community. I have a few builds going at the moment that i am hoping to finish in the newt few weeks. I also have been working on my re-do of Constant Springs (by doublemedion694) which i hot to start sharing some progress on very soon. I also want to get some playing done as well, with the announcement of the Sims 4 i realized that I've don't really play the Sims 3 enough. there are so many features that came with Pets, Generations and Seasons that I've never even used. Therefore something i want to try is just playing and seeing where that takes me. 

Talking of playing, i do want to tell stores and share my Sims adventures with you but i don't think it will be in the same format as i did previously  Writing a whole post just took some much time and in the end i wasn't really enjoying it. so i think i might try a few different ways and see what people think, at the moment im swaying towards just posting a slideshow of pictures and just having a overview of whats going on. It will mean i will probably post more and have a little more fun with it :) but let me know what you think? 

Anyway so that's just a little look at what im planning on doing, but you never know whats going to happen so I'll just wait and see. 

Hope you enjoy the blog and let me know is there's any problems or you have any questions. 
Thank you and keep simming :) 
It seems like ages since I’ve been on my blog, well it’s only been 3 months but hey that’s a quarter of a year!! And talking of years my blog is over a year old! (1 year, 2 weeks to be exact) WOW! haha so I guess that’s quite a milestone :)

Anyways, yes as I was saying, I’ve not been on here for ages and the reason for that is because I have been very busy with real life, collage stuff, to be exact. In May and June I had As exams which took up a lot of my time, and then when those were over it was back to collage for Discovery Projects (when teachers give us projects to do at home  to get us to learn about next year’s topics - in my opinion It's just there to lazy to teach us :P). Well I've done most of them I've just got a 2 more to do over the next 10 days! Aaaaa!! 

However I've still been simming away in little bits and pieces in any of the spare time I get. I've managed to build and almost fully decorated a couple of houses, one which I hope to share in the next week or so. Also I've been playing a new family in Appaloosa Plains which I want to blog about as soon as I get a chance to write up their story.

So there you have it, that is what I have done over the last few months and what is to come on my blog over the few weeks and months.

Keep Simming :)
As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I am claiming to have had the best birthday ever, and although it may not be entirely true I'm going to carry on claiming it anyway and this is why...

About a week ago it was my birthday - Woo! -and my amazing friends got me two stuff packs (along with some other bits and pieces) I got Outdoor Living Stuff and Design & High-tech Stuff. Then my brother, well my mum haha, got me Generations and my dad got me Pets!! Which means that I got a load of amazing new stuff in my game. Well I will have when pets arrives, my dad ordered it after my birthday as he wasn't sure if someone else was going to get it, and I’m just waiting for it to come - should only be about a week :)

And for that reason over the next week I’m going to have a mad rush to finish off Betcy's story so I can start a new one with all the new stuff in my game. I usually just move on from a family but because I've been blogging about Betcy I want to finish her story off properly :) So yes this next week will see the end of Betcy for me :( but don't worry she will be alive for you a little longer as I will need to blog about her :) I’m thinking I’ll have to write some longer posts too or I’m not going to fit it all in!

So yes that’s another thing I’m going to have to try and do, write longer post...should be fun. I really don't know how people do it, I love reading them but they must take so long to write!

Right, I think I will probably leave my ramblings at that as I’ve got a big load of playing to do over the next week and all of that real life stuff that just gets in the way. There should be a post about Betcy by the end of the week, so keep a look out for that.

Oh and of course, keep Simming :)
Hey everyone, 
Just a quick note to let you know whats going on with my blog. For a week of so i've been wondering if having two separate pages for stories and buildings was working or not, and after some help from Jen I decided it would be better if i just merged the two. So I've moved the two building posts into the main 'stories' page which I've then renamed SouSou. Ok i hope that all makes sence :)  
Also at the moment I've taken i taken a tiny break from Betcy, but dont worry ill be going back to her soon. The reason for my break is to work on the island world im making. I'll post about it as soon as u decided on a name for it, I've got a few ideas buzzing around in my head i just cant decide on which one to choose, so thats just a little incite into the future. I should do my first post about it by the end of the week!! 
Keep Simming :)