Hey all, 
So now that Betcy's story is coming to an end i thought i would give you all a tour around her home. Its a house based on this house by Spechless, i absolutely loved the look of it from the outside so i recreated it in my game - i change it a bit but the basic shape is still there, also the layout is different to the original because it didn't meet my needs for the house. I think Betcy's house was one of the first houses i made on sims 3 so its not amazing, but at the time i was really happy with it. Anyways i hope you like it :) 

Hi all, hope your well :)
This is Rosemary Cottage, the latest house I've built, and yep its one of the houses i built for my Isle of Newshore project, and i liked it so much i moved it to Riverview to finish it off. Its placed on 310 Cypress Lane - which is a 40x30 lot. When i was decorating this house i decided it would be for a young couple with two toddlers, and boy and girl. One of the parents is and inventor and the other a designer, so the garden house has all the things they need for that. 
Also I'll say sorry in advance for the number of pictures, i get a bit camera happy and take so many (this post started with about 35 pictures and i got it down to 17!)
Anyway i hope you like it and any constructive criticism will be much appreciated, 
Happy Simming :)