Hey everyone, hope your all ok?
This is my latest house to finally be finished, 9 Sun Song Avenue which is right on the seafront in Sunset Valley. It's a 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bathroom house with a Living room, Kitchen, Dinning room, Laundry and Office, with a large back Garden. The house cost £172.199 Simlings full furnished.  
Also i was hoping to put this house, and future and maybe past one, up for download if anybody wants them. However i have no idea how to do that so if someone can let me know how to do that it would be really great :) thank you!

So I've finally finished a house :) woo at last, i always seem to move to another projects before i finish the current one, but for once i think I've finished :D 'think' being the operative work haha ill probably  go back and change it at some point but anyway for now it's finished :)
So this is a house based on some pictures of a Cornish cottages on Google, good old Google. It's located at 100 Redwood pkwy in Sunset Vally  and is a 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, cottage with open plan living, kitchen and dinning. There's a basement that is empty at the moment (probably going to be for when the family grows(well there was one in a picture so i put it in)) Out back is the garden overlooking the sea and lighthouse with green house and shed also plenty of space for planing. There's loads of plants and bushes all around the garden (got a bit carried away with them but my Sims who lives there, Lucy Truman, has the life time wish for the perfect garden so i guess you would have a very flowery planted garden) Enjoy :D

Hey everyone, 
Just wanted to show you my latest house I've built, i don't personally think its my best one but you have to start somewhere, I've got a couple of other house i could show you sometime but this is the only one that's completely finished. Its an Eco-friendly modern 2 bedroom (could be 3 but i have the smallest as an office), 1 bathroom house with an open plan kitchen, living, dining room with plenty of outdoor space. It replaces Raggio del Sole at number 1 Sun Song Avenue and cost 93,346 furnished and 42,950 unfurnished. So i Hope you like it. :)