Liam got up nice and early the next morning and headed straight to the gym. 

When Faye got up she had a quite bite to eat and then headed straight over to the cafe to enter her competition dish while it was still fresh. Her hard work defiantly paid off when she won the cash prize of around £40.

When she got home she was so happy, she decided she would enjoy her last day off and play with Amber. 

After a shower at the gym, because he was very smelly and sweaty, Liam drove to work. He could not wait till they had saved up enough to buy a new car, or at least do up the old one. Although it couldn't complain too much, this car had been free. 

Faye then thought she might as well learn her fish and chip recipe too, 

Then tried it out, and loved it. She put some in the fridge for when Liam got home. 

After doing the washing up and cleaing up the house a bit Faye played with Amber some more. Her and Amber had built up quite a strong friendship for all the years she had had her. 

The next day Liam went out to pay the bills again, leaving them this time with only £13 left in the back. Faye was sorting out the rubbish that some dog had gone thought the night before. 

Straight away Liam when to the Gym, he really needed to get his fitness right up so they could get that promotion he so needed to earn the extra money.

Back at home Faye was getting all the housework done, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen before she headed off to work. 

When Liam got home he grab a quick bit of food

Before he gave amber a bath, she had been getting quite dirty over the last few days.

He then sat down to watch some TV while Amber played with her hot-dog toy. When Faye came in she had managed to get a Promotion and a bonus of £300. She was now earning £32 a hour. They were both really excited, there was some much needed extra money. 

Liam headed to bed soon after and Faye grabbed a bowl of cerial before heading to bed too. 

Before heading out to the gym Liam got a bowl of cereal. 

Meanwhile Faye was still in bed having a lie in. 

When she finally got up Faye made herself some lunch before playing in the front room with Amber. Before she went to work later that afternoon. 

Amber was playing with her toys while Liam and Faye were at work. 

But she soon got a bit bored of that and went out into the garden to dig some holes in the old vegetable patch. 

Once she had got home from work Faye found the holes that Amber had dug around the garden. She wasn't very pleases, she now had filled them all in. It was a dirty job and she had to have a bath so clean off. 

Laim came home while Faye was in the bath, with some exciting news. He had just got a promotion, now earning £25 an hour, plus i nice bonus of £156.
After a little celebratory drink the two of them went to bed hoping for a few more promotions soon. 

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