Faye and Liam sat down for a pancake breakfast the next morning and chatted about waht they had planned for the day. 

It was Liam's day off so he was going to spend most of the day at the gym, aiming for another promotion. Shortly after breakfast he was at the Gym and working out. 

faye on the other hand only had her usual mornings off, so she decided she would get dresses - once she could get the dresser open - and take Amber for a walk. 

Later on that day, with Liam still at the gym and Faye now at work, Amber went on another one of her adventures. while out she met a wild horse and discovered her Adventurous trait. 

Liam got home later on and cooked himself some food and watched a bit of TV. 

Faye got home a bit later than usual and was very tierd so was just on her way to bed when she got a phone call from Juanita Blanco asking Faye to cook her a serving of hot-dogs. 

The next day Liam  was the first to get up, he knew how tired Faye was so let her sleep. He got himself some cereal and ate it on the back deck. 

Today he had another day off so he thought it be a good idea to use it to go to the gym again. Before he went however he gave the house a quick clean because he didn't think Faye would be up to it when she got up.

When Faye got up a bit later on she got dressed and had a bowl of cereal before she played with Amber for a bit. She taought her a new trick - to sit - which Amber picked up really well. 

Before going to work that afternoon Faye cooked herself some grilled cheese for lunch. 

While at home alone again Amber wondered around the house playing with her toys and eating some food, just waiting for either Liam or Faye to get home. 

When Liam and Faye did finally get home they sat out on the back deck eating some leftover grilled cheese talking about Fayes latest promotion. She had gone up to £39 an hour and even got agood bonus of £354. 

However the celebration of having money in their accounts was short lived as the next morning the bills came, this time for £212. 

While Liam was sorting out the bills Faye gave Amber her much needed bath. 

After which Amber decided to have a lazy day sat on the sofa, while Faye and Liam tided and cleaned the house. 

After doing the house work Liam went down to the gym (where else would he go!). He improved his fitness by a skill point which made his boss very happy, Liam gained a £350 bonus from the Head of Fitness at work. 

When Liam and Faye went to work that evenimng Amber went out too, to the dog park. 

She met Vallari Chandra and showed off her new trick - sit. 

On her way home from work Faye delivered the hot-dogs to Juanica, who was very happy with them and gave Faye £250. Liam also got a good amount of money to add to the renovation budget, he got a promotion and £300. 

When they got home they saw that the bathroom sink had been leaking and needed repaining. so they called round the repair woman. However she must have had a long day becsue she want very happy about fixing another sink. 

Faye mopped up the mess that the sink had made before they all settled down for the night. 


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