FIrdam Valley is the name of my remake of Constant Springs, that i was working on before my exams. I finished most of the rabbithole lots so i thought i would share the pictures of those now while i remember. There are a few little changes i want to make to the lots (most importantly the school has the wrong colour wall). 
Hope that that pictures all work for you - first time I've tried posting them this way - so let me know if its ok. 

Thanks for looking :) 

19/06/2013 8:35pm

Wow, your new blog looks awesome! I like the fonts. :) Firdam Valley is coming along nicely, and it's great to get a recap of all the work you've done so far! You've made a ton of progress...I can't wait to see more. I really do like the slideshow format for your pics -- nice idea! :)

20/06/2013 3:51am

Thank you! glad your liking the new look, i think its much brighter and fresher than before, thanks for the feedback on the pictures too! Also glad you liking my progress in Firdam Valley, i have a few more builds in the works that i'm hoping to finish soon :)


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