Its been about 2 months since i last blogged, a huge gap again!! but i just keep being really busy or when i get time to play what i manage to do isn't worth showing people :/ I am still alive however and really trying to make more time for Sims and to accomplish more. 

Anyway, as i put in my last post i wanted to get some of my houses up for download so, if you wanted, you could have them in your game too. I was then told how easy and simple it was to put houses on the Sims 3 Exchange by Jenba (Greetings from Mt. Geneva) so as you may have guessed by the title of this post i have done exacly that put a few of my houses on the exchange.

There are 3 houses below with a small description of the lot and the link to download them and If you want more pictures and information then click on More Information link :)

Cornish Cottage
The small cozy house has enough space for a couple or a small family who want to live in a conish style home. The cottage has an open plan living room, kitchen and dinning room with a good size double bedroom, second bedroom or office and a family bathroom. In the basement is a laundry room and a spare room that would be great for when the family grows. The garden has a shed and greenhouse with outdoor vegtable patch and garden paths lined with medow planting.  
To download this house form the exchange Click Here
More Information about this lot

Rosemary Cottage
A small 3 bedroom english cottage is perfect for families looking for the smiple country life. It's has a large back garden with pond and seating areas and a workshop or summerhouse. The front garden is beautifully landscaped and has space for two cars. The house itself has a Living room, kitchen, dinning room, utility, office and conservatory with 3 bedrooms and a family bathroom on the first floor.  
To download this house form the exchange Click Here
More Information about this lot 

The Seascape
A 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house complete with large living room and play space, kitchen, dinning room, utility and office and large garden. The perfect family home for anyone who wishes to live the dream of being by the sea... even if the house is no where near it. 
To download this house form the exchange Click Here 
More Information about this lot.

Hope you all like the houses and if you have any problems then just let me know :)
Keep Simming

19/09/2012 7:16pm

Hooray for putting your houses up for download! They're absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing them and letting me know about them! Hope all is well with you! :)

27/09/2012 11:20am

Hey, no problem and glad you like them, i hope the downloads worked :)


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