Hello again, 

Not sure if anyone comes here anymore as i haven't posted in 6 months, sorry, but sadly real life got in the way. I've just finished my A-Levels however so i'm getting back into playing, building and blogging.

I did consider just deleting this blog and starting a new one, but i didn't want to lose my old stories and post, but also its almost 2 years old so i didn't want to lose that too. In the end 
I decided to give me blog a little makeover and am looking forward to getting back into it and sharing what I've been up to with the Sims community. I have a few builds going at the moment that i am hoping to finish in the newt few weeks. I also have been working on my re-do of Constant Springs (by doublemedion694) which i hot to start sharing some progress on very soon. I also want to get some playing done as well, with the announcement of the Sims 4 i realized that I've don't really play the Sims 3 enough. there are so many features that came with Pets, Generations and Seasons that I've never even used. Therefore something i want to try is just playing and seeing where that takes me. 

Talking of playing, i do want to tell stores and share my Sims adventures with you but i don't think it will be in the same format as i did previously  Writing a whole post just took some much time and in the end i wasn't really enjoying it. so i think i might try a few different ways and see what people think, at the moment im swaying towards just posting a slideshow of pictures and just having a overview of whats going on. It will mean i will probably post more and have a little more fun with it :) but let me know what you think? 

Anyway so that's just a little look at what im planning on doing, but you never know whats going to happen so I'll just wait and see. 

Hope you enjoy the blog and let me know is there's any problems or you have any questions. 
Thank you and keep simming :) 

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