Hey everyone, 
Just a quick note to let you know whats going on with my blog. For a week of so i've been wondering if having two separate pages for stories and buildings was working or not, and after some help from Jen I decided it would be better if i just merged the two. So I've moved the two building posts into the main 'stories' page which I've then renamed SouSou. Ok i hope that all makes sence :)  
Also at the moment I've taken i taken a tiny break from Betcy, but dont worry ill be going back to her soon. The reason for my break is to work on the island world im making. I'll post about it as soon as u decided on a name for it, I've got a few ideas buzzing around in my head i just cant decide on which one to choose, so thats just a little incite into the future. I should do my first post about it by the end of the week!! 
Keep Simming :)

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