After another long week the weekend was here again, and this one was a special one. Florence was at a big milestone in her life, aging up into a Young Adult. On the moringing of her birthday we had a small celebration in the kitchen, just the three of us. 

Florence blew out her candles while making her wish, we tired to get out of her what it was she had wished for but she didn't tell. She said it wouldn't come true if she did. 

Florence cut the cake and we sat down at the table to eat out slices. I had been to the shops the day before to get it. I did want to make one but had ran out of time so we went with one of the shop ones, it was lovely though, better than i could have made.

After the cake we took Florence outside to see her present. A brand new car! She loved it, she had see the car on TV a couple of times and said that when she could afford it she wanted to buy one. As she had passed her test a few days ago we thought it would make a nice present.

The next morning was just any normal one, Florence was looking around at jobs, she wasn't really sure what she wanted to do yet, so was just seeing what she could do for now until she had decided what career path she wanted to follow. I was doing some work in the garden when i got the phone call.  

Edward had died while out at the bookstore. He had just gone there quickly to pick up a new book about fishing when he had a heart attack. They had rushed him to hospital but it was too late.

I was completaly devastated, i'd lost the love of my life, but the hardest thing was breaking the news to Florence. She just kept saying no, he cant be. She had already lost her mum and dd when she was young and now she was just starting her adult life and her granddad had died too.

After a few minuets it sank in and she broke down in my arms. I've never seen her this way before and i didnt know what to do. I'm just glad we had each other, i don't know what we would had done if we hadn't.

After that things all over the house started to go wrong, me and Florence hadn't been in the right mood to do the house work or look after anything for the last few days. First Edward's fish, that Florence had got him for Christmas, died. Florence had to fish it out of the bowl and flush it down the toilet. 

Then it was one of my apple trees which died. I was so upset about my tree dying, it was one of the first trees i had planted when i moved in so it had been there a very long time.

And the house was getting dirty too, the washing was just left on the floor because we just didnt feel like doing it.  We really needed to sort ourselves out and get our lives back on track, Its what Edward would have wanted.

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