It's been a few weeks since half term holidays and Florence has been busy at collage, Edwards art career has really started to pick up and my garden is looking great. Anyway, It was Last Friday I think when Florence was getting ready to go out to the cinema with her friends.

Edward and I were having a quiet night in, in front of the fire, watching TV and just and generally just lounge around enjoying our retirement. As it got to just after 9:30pm we decided to head off to sleep, oh the wild life of the over 60s.

Later that night, after we had been asleep for a while, there was a lot of noise coming from the hallway and then into Florence room. We just assumed it was her coming in late as she was still out with her friends. Well we thought it was her until all the alarms went off and we realized it was a burglar!

A few mommets later we hered the sirens of a police car and a police man came rushing in. He tackled the burglar to the ground. They were both fighing on the floor for a good few minuets...

But thankfully the police man caught the burglar and put him in hand cuffs before he could get away. He was then taken away to the car and we double checked he hadn't stolen anything, luckily nothing had gone. The police man then came back to check we were both ok. 

After a little while we noticed that Florence still wasn't back, it was way past her curfew and we were started to get very worried. Then we heard the sirens of the police car again, this time it was one bringing back Florence.

Edward was still talking to the police man so i headed out to get Florence, and i was not happy with her, Edward and I had been worried sick about where she had been and how long she was taking, especially after what had happened. 

After the police man had double checked the house and that we were ok, he went back to his police car to take away the burglar. Florence stormed off to her room in a mood, but Edward reassured me that she would be ok soon, it was just one of her teenage strops. 

By the time all the drama was over and the police man was leaving it was almost morning and the sun was rising. It had been a long night however and we we'er all very tired. So we still headed off to bedit had defiantly been an eventful night.

Game Play Notes:
+ Both these things really did happen in one night, it was so annoying, it messed up there sleeping pattern and made them all really tired and hungry etc, although thankfully it was Friday so i could sort them out before Florence was back at school. 

+ Florence stayed out for too long because in all the burglar drama i forgot about Florence still being out and by then she was in a police car, doh!

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