Hello again everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. So now the Christmas period is over, its back to normaility for us all. The post-lady is back on her usually rounds of the neighborhood, and the school bus arrived on the dot of 8 for Florence.

Florence was not looking forward to going back to collage, all the lessons and hard work would begin again. However when she arrived and saw all her friends again she forgot about all that and was soon back into the daily grind and routine of collage. 

Back at home i had started my daily chores around the house. The laundry was the first on my list, so i set around the house collecting it and dumped it in the washing machine. Then on to the washing up, dusting, hovering and so on - the work of a house wife is never done. 

Edward on the other hand was in the sunny garden leisurely painting, it's alright for some. No i can't moan to much he is the one who brings most of the money into the house. He's getting quite big in the painting world now and has been invited to a painting conference in the bookstore next week. Oh and Bob newbie (whoever he is-i don't think we've ever actually met him) has asked Edward to paint a picture for his house. Edwards going to start on that when he finishes the one he's doing at the moment. 

Once all the chore inside the house were done Edward and i had both had our lunch and i washed up. Then i got outside into the garden and started on that. I dont really see the garden as a chore though, its more of a delight, i'm sure you all know by now how much i love my garden. Edward gave me a hand with the gardening today, which was a big help as i was quite tired and there was a lot of weeding and watering to do. 

At just after 2 Florence came home and started on here homework,  and we finished up in the garden. Later on i set about cooking the dinner. I brought in the produce from the garden and used some of that for dinner and the rest was ready and packed to go to the supermarket for selling.
While i was cooking Florence was still in her room getting the rest of the nights homework done and Edward was in the living room watching TV. He had some adventure channel or something on, he likes the idea of adventures. If we were a little younger i think he would drag us all off to some far away exotic location. If i'm honest i wouldn't mind being dragged of to a nice hot beach somewhere in the Caribbean, would make a change from the daily chores.

Once I had finished cooking and called the two of then to the table and we sat down, ate, and discussed our day. There was nothing of major interest for any of us. It was just another ordinary day in Riverview for the Jones's.

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