Meet Faye Curley, shes the granddaughter of Appaloosa Plains Tate and Esme Curley. Faye Lives with her boyfriend Liam and her Golden retriever Amber. 

After the death of Esme and Tate Curley in the last year the future of the family home in Appaloosa Plains was left in the balance. If it had been put up for sale it would have most defiantly been brought by one of those business men who had been trying to get their hands on the piece of prime real estate for years.
However the Curley Family didn't what the house to be knocked down and redeveloped.  206 West Appaloosa Avenue was not only the site of one of the oldest and founding houses of the town, but it have also been in the family for generations and held a lot of memories.

Faye's parents knew that her and Liam had been looking for a new home for months now with no luck and had asked her if she and Liam wanted to move into her grandparents old house. At first they were a bit reluctant, the house was really rundown and old, it was in a small town rather than the big cities that they were used to and had been looking in. 
On the other hand though the house and land was so much bigger than anything they could get a mortgage for. It was in a good location too, right on the doorstep was the main shops and cafes for the town and surrounding that was the beautiful views and countryside. The more they thought about it the more the house became perfect for them. Appaloosa Plains would a great place to bring up a family and because they would be mortgage free they would be able to save up and do all the work that the house needed to bring it back to its former glory and create the perfect family home. 

When Faye, Liam and Amber arrived in their new home they were a bit shocked at how rundown it actually was. They walked through the front door and the first thing they noticed was the darkness and old fashioned decor. 
They only had £403 with them and almost all of that went on fixing the electrics and putting in some new ceiling lights. Then what was left was spent on buying paint and moving in a few bits of their own furniture to brighten up and make the house a little more their own.

After a few days of decorating and setting up their new life in Appaloosa Plains, Faye and Liam were left with only about £116 which was not going to last very long - It was time to get jobs to get the money coming in. Faye saw the restaurant next door was looking for new cleaning staff, and although it wasn't her dream job, she had to start somewhere to become the celebrated five star chef. Liam on the other hand looked around town for the stadium, which turned out to be in the next road up, so he could start his dream career in athletics. 

Once they had sorted out their careers they headed back home and took amber out to the park. When they were at the dog park they got talking to some of the locals, Brooker Singleton and Barrington Diamond - who turned out to be Liam's boss. They had long chat with them while Amber played in the parks water fountain.

Her favorite part was getting out and shaking herself dry, it drench everybody near her with water. At that point Faye and Liam decided it would be a good time to go home, they were both quite wet and its not fun standing around in a park with clothes that are dripping wet. 

When the three of them got home and had dried off Faye got on with cooking dinner in the old kitchen. It had definalty seen better days and she was looking forward to saving up enough to do up the house and get the kitchen that every chef dreams about. 

Liam on the other hand sat in front of the TV.          *looking very shocked at whatever hes watching* 

After dinner Liam did the dishes and Faye gave the old stove a good clean before the two of them headed off to bed. That night Liam had dreams of all the DIY and renovations he wanted to do to the house while Faye thought about become a celebrated 5* chef. 

Work didn't start till about 3pm for the both of them the next day so they had a bit of a lie in. When Liam got up he decided to make Faye breakfast in bed, some nice fresh waffles.
However that went a bit wrong and they burnt, causing Faye to wake up from the smell. So in the end they just sat together at the dining table. 

After they had finished Liam went off to the gym – he needed to work on his fitness if he was going to advance in the athletics career. He put the TV in front of him on the SimSports channel so he could keep up with what was going on in the sporting world. 

Across town Faye decided to take Amber out for a walk around to see how the town had change over the last few years. It had been a few years since Faye had properly been in Appaloosa Plains.

3pm came quite - and went - quickly, especial for Liam who was 2 hours late after he got a bit too into his running. His boss wasn't very happy but he soon made up for it by working really hard. Meanwhile Amber was home alone and was getting a bit lonely. 

When Liam returned home Amber had gone to toilet on the floor, he was quite annoyed, and had to tell her off then mop it up, but he felt bad that they had left her on her own in a dark house. Maybe next time they should leave some lights and maybe the TV or radio on to keep her company. 

After an afternoon and evenings work in the dirty restaurant kitchens the first thing Faye did when she got home was have a nice hot bubble bath. 

After Faye had got out of the bath and Liam had got them some food it was  getting really late. Faye gave Amber some food and the two of them headed off to bed, with Amber soon settling down in her bed too. 

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