Then next morning they tried to get up bright and early and do some more stuff around town. While Liam was making the beds and tidying up Faye had some Pancakes. 

Over breakfast Liam and Faye talked about their new jobs and how much they need to save up to get all the jobs in the house done. 

Although Faye was a little shocked when Liam joked that they might end up on a park bench if they didn't get some money soon. 

Following breakfast Faye went over to the book shop to pick up a few recipe books she had overheard chefs in the restaurant talking about, she got a fish and chips and ratatouille. 

While she had been out the post man had been, so she collected the mail to find it was the household bills for £300. She knew they didn't have that much money to pay right away, so she put the bills inside and headed to work, hoping she would get paid soon. 

After Laim and Faye had gone off to work Amber decided she wasn't going to sit in the house all evening, so she snuck out the back door and went out exploring. 

She met an old lady called Vera Blackburn who she played games with until it got dark and Vera decided to go home. 

Amber thought it was probably best to head home too.

Laim and Faye got home soon after; they paid the bills as the two of them got paid before sitting down to watch some TV before bed.

Early the next morning Faye got a phone call about a cooking completion she might be interested in, she accepted immediately after they mentioned the cash prize. 

While Liam decided to enjoy the beautiful morning by eating his breakfast on the back deck.

Faye thought this competition would be a good chance to learn her ratatouille recipe so she could wow the judges. 

Before he went to work Laim took Amber out for a walk around town. 

Faye had two day off work so was working on her dish for the competition when there was a knock at the door. A lady called Juanita Blanko had come to welcome the new owners of the house. 

Amber loved having new people to play with and quickly took to Junaita, however I don’t think she had the same excitement for playing with Amber. While Amber was trying to play with her new friends Faye carried on practicing her cooking. 

Later that evening after Liam had got home and had bath, Faye went onto the bathroom to discover it had broken, so all of Liam £17 he had earned and some of their savings went on getting someone out to fix it. 

Faye then went back to cooking the pair some dinner, trying out her new ratatouille recipe to see what Liam thought.

Then the two of them headed off to bed.

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