Now that its moving more into the warmth and sun of Spring like weather and Winter is feeling less cold, not the the seasons ever change around here, i thought we should all go out for a day trip. One evening Edward and i were discussing it, i suggested a shopping trip and makeovers for me and Florence but Edward wasn't very keen on the idea and suggested a good fishing spot up the river. We though a fishing trip in the country would be a nice break from work and a nice relaxing day for all 3 of us. 

Florece was working so hard and deserved a break. she really didnt like all the work she had to do. she was almost always in her room studying, and we didn't think it was healthy for her to spend all that time inside, she needed some fresh air. 

At breakfast we suggested the idea to Florence who was thrilled, she had quite enjoyed the fishing trips her granddad had taken her on when she was younger. While Edward checked the fishing forecast, to see if it was going to be a good day for fishing,  I suggested he could get some inspiration for some paintings he could do while we were out. He hadn't been doing many lately, he had painters block as he called it, but today would be the perfect day to get a little inspiration. 

After breakfast while Florence was tidying up and Edward packed the car i popped into the garden to pick a few bits of fruit for our picnic. The sun was just rising and i could tell today was going to be a lovely day, i was defiantly looking forward to this day in the country. I hoped we would catch some good fish for dinner that evening. 

Once the car was all packed we set off, Florence drove - she had just passed her driving test and was very excited that she is now able to drive. We headed up stream to the really good fishing spot Edward and Florence uses to go to. The scenery all around was so lovely, the fields and the open space with all the fresh air. Its so nice to think that we have all this beautiful rural countryside just round the corner.

When we had parked the car we headed down to the riverside and cast our lines. I had never been fishing before so Edward showed me how to do it correctly. It was all quite exciting the idea that we could catch some of our own fish. I also found a lovely looking rock near where we were fishing, later sold in and made myself a little money. 

Although i may have got a little too excited when i re-cast my net, and what did i do, well i fell over of course. I felt so foolish but it was funny, i did get very wet feet though. My legs and shoes got soaked, but luckily it was quite warm and they dried nice and quickly so i could get back on with the fishing. 

After i got the hang of it all i decided to re-joined Edward and Florence, who by know had found a group of fish, and even caught a couple. It was going quite well. Edward had got a big one, it wasn't huge but was better than my me and my minnow. 
When it got later we decided to head back home with the fish we had, well what Edward and Florence had caught, i didn't get anything much. At home i cooked us a lovely fish and chips with the fish we had. It was lovely having fresh fish for dinner, almost as lovely as the fun we had catching it. 

Notes: this post isn't as big as my next few but i started writing this a little while ago, before i relised how long i would need to make them to ever get this story finished! Still so much to write about so i better crack on!

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