Sorry it took me longer than i said to post this, but i just couldnt think if an name i liked for my island but at alst i think ive got a name I'm almost happy with :D So i introduce you to the 'Isle of Newshore'. Its a smallish Island on the south coast of England below Cornwall, that's all I've really decided about it at the moment. Oh and I sort of know what main features i want the Island to have as well:
+ A seaside village/town on the west coast of the island, this is the main village of the Isle of Newshore. I've called it Toddington Bay. (which was the whole idea of the island in the first place. I was just going to make a small coastal village called Toddington because in the sims 2 i used to have a holiday destination called Toddington and I wanted to remake a version of that. However the whole distant terrain thing wasn't what i wanted and just didn't do what i needed it to so i went with an island for my first world).
+ Toddington Manor - this was once the home of the Lord and Lady of Toddington Bay and is now the town hall. I haven't decided how it went from the home of the lord and lady to the town hall but I'm working on it.
+ Beacons point is were the lighthouse is and maybe some houses.
+ An industrial area on the north/east coast of the Island - this still needs a name. This will have most of the rabbitholes like the factory and warehouse, because they wouldn't fit into the style of the village.
+ A couple of clusters of houses and farms, dotted around the remainder of the island, like small outer villages.
+ Most of the gaps in between everything will be filled with trees and fields etc. 
So that's it really, just got to get on and do it now. Below I've put a picture of what I've got so far. As you will see i haven't really done much terrain sculpting, this is because in my practice worlds i found i did the terrain and then went back and changed it all when i was trying to fit in all the lots and roads, in so i just thought it would be easier to layout most of the roads all over the island and then sculpted around that, meaning i will know how much space i need and where main feature like hills, coastline etc will go without the fuss of moving them. You may notice that most of the lots are Community, that's not staying like that i just stared doing community and then noticed i needed to put sown some residential so its all a bit of a mess. Also I'm probably going to re-sculpt and change most of the coast line got make it more bay like make Beacons Point stand out more. Anyway heres the map:
I've started building some of the lots around the Toddington Bay but i had to export the world and the build that way because the Edit in Game really doesn't work, it just loads up the launcher menu and the from that the normal game, also its quicker this way because i can test what I've got so far and build when i feel like it :) so I'm off now to do some more building. 
Keep Simming :)

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