So i took part in my first challenge on the LivingSims Forum, and i had a blast doing it. The Little Cottage challenge was to download or recreate the given floor plan and then decorate the house in an English country cottage style for Mavis and her cat Mr Pickles.
It took me quite a while to decorate the house as I'm slow anyway and it takes me forever to be happy with a room and then the colour scheme takes me even longer. But i finally got it done and this is the result, hope you like it :)

As you walk in the front door you got straight into the living room which i'm quite happy with. I went with light colours in this room because of the dark furniture and then i put a lot of photos on the walls because i always think older people have family photos and things on the walls.
Mr Pickles has his favorite spot in the house, the armchair by the fireplace

Through the arch and you enter the Kitchen and Dinning room, i had a go at copying farmhouse and cottage kitchens i'd seen in photos but it never seemed to look right, so i'm not really sure what sort of style this is but i hope it works.

The last room downstairs is the Bathroom, i just sort of made this room up to as i wasn't really sure what a cottage bathroom would look like, i think it turned out ok - its not my favorite room but it could be worse.

At the top of the stairs is the landing which was one of the hardest rooms to decorate, it took me ages to decide what to put up here. I think it ended up looking really good, it's were Mavis can sit and read and Mr pickles can play with his toys. 

Mavis' bedroom is probably my favorite room in the house, it really reminds me of an old ladies house and i am really happy with the overall result. Its got an area for getting dressed and and area for writing all those letters and Christmas cards to all her friends from over the years. 

The second bedroom was the other room that i found hard to decorate and decided what to do with, its quite a small and awkward shape. In the end i decided it would be decorated for Mavis granddaugher, Chloe, who comes to stay most weekends. Chloe loves cats too, so when in the shop she chose the wallpaper covered in cats. 


So that's my entry, i hope you liked it :)
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