Its been a few weeks since I've told you about my life and what we've all be up to. Its all been rather ordinary lately, we're just living the suburban dream. Florence is back at collage after the summer, and is busy doing her work a lot of the time. Its a lot harder doing her A-levels than i think she thought it would be - but shes doing very well and Edward and i are extremely pleased with her and her hard work. 

My garden is coming along well, I've been very busy with that these last few months, planting, watering and growing but its all looking really lovely and tastes fantastic too. Most of the vegetables in our fridge, if not all, come from our garden which is really satisfying to know I've grown it all and i know exactly where its come from. I love spending a early Autumns day in the garden tending to the garden and seeing all the wildlife, 

Apart from the work on the garden I've just been pottering about really cleaning the house. It gets so much dirtier now there's more people living here, the kitchen is the worst. Edward leaves it in such a mess, i don't know what he does but every time he finishes making a meal it's like a load of pigs have been let loose in there. 

Talking of Edward he's been doing some research on the computer and has seen that he can register as a self employed artist now that hes got a high enough skill level. We decided it would be a good idea for him to do as it could bring in some much needed savings for our retirement. Yes i know were already technically retired but our new retirement plans. We want to wait till Florence is a young adult and then were going to sell the house and split the money between us and her.  She can then go start her own life and we were thinking of moving closer to the sea. Edward and I have been talking and he wants to maybe go back to Sunset Vally, and it does look like a lovely place. We've seen a lovely house right on the beach, but its all just ideas at the moment. We might not be able to leave Riverview, we both just love it here. 

So as i was saying, until i went of on a tangent of our future plans, Edward is going to register as self employed. Last week he headed of to the town hall to be registered, this means that all the paintings he does now can be sold for a little bit more, which is great for our bank accounts.

Last night Florence ask if she could cook us dinner again, she wants to improve her cooking skills now before she moves out and is on her own. Its a year or two till she is a young adult and will probably move out but she wants to start early. Of course i said yes, a night off from the cooking was great, as long as it wasn't Edward doing the cooking - i just end up having to follow him round with a dishcloth cleaning. While Florence got on with cooking, Edward did some more painting and i did the washing up and got the table set for dinner. 

When she had finished cooking she served us both up our meals. It looked interesting to say the least, I'm not compleately sure what it was or what is was meant to taste like but i ate it politely anyway. Florence had tried hard to make as a nice meal and the polite thing to do was eat it.

Edward on the other hand just pushed it around with his fork and stared at it. I gave him a light nudge under that table and he got on and ate it up. When we had finished we thanked Florence for dinner and she was really plesed we liked it, i think she knows it went a bit wrong, but was grateful we ate despite that fact.
There you go, another installment of life in the Jones household, hope to see you all again soon. 

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