The morning of Edwards funeral was one the hardest days of my life, i just didn't want to get up. I guess it's because i didn't really want this day to actually happen, then it would all be real and Edward would really be gone. 
I did however finaly get myself up. Florence had also not wanted to get up, it was going to be a hard day for the both of us. When we both got ready we headed off in Florences car to the grave yard. 

It was just us at the funeral, Edwared didnt really have any other family, and i didn't think we could handle to many people. The rest of the town who wanted to pay their respects could come later. Florence and I found burying Edward really hard as he was buried next to Florence's mum, Sarah, but also just across the path from Bertha, so it brought back a lot of other memories. 

When we got home around lunchtime we where both obviously feeling very upset. To cheer me up Florence cooked me a lovey dinner of sushi and we sat and the table and talked about Edward and all the fond memories we had of him.

We talked about Edward for a couple of hours. It got later into the evening and i decided to sit in an armchair and read one of my books while the fire was crackling away.

After an hour or two in my chair i thought it would be a lot more comfortable and relaxing to have a nice warm bath and maybe read some more of my book in there. So i headed of to the bathroom to run bath. 

I must have been in the bath for another couple of hours because before i realized it it was coming up to 12'o'clock at night. It was defiantly time to head to bed, i got dried and settled to sleep. Edward was still on my mind however, i was wondering how i was going to carry on my life without him, and poor Florence she had no family left anymore. I know she sort of has me but its not the same really is it.

Over the next few days i began to felt a little better, i looked back happily at the photo of mine and Edward wedding. I still missed him but every day was getting a little easier, and at leased i still had the memories. 

Florence still hadn't found a job so was spending a lot of time around the house. Although i kept asking her if she had found anything or knew what she wanted to do, i secretly enjoyed having someone around, i was quite lonely in this house on my own. We would both often sit in the living room either watching TV and reading or just chatting. 

Later in the afternoon, however, i started to feel very ill and was sick. I wasn't sure what was wrong, i think it may have been something i had eaten. So i went and had a little nap on my bed and then i'd see how i was feeling later. 

I was still feeling a little funny when Florence called me into the living room to tell me she had some big news. She told me she had decised what she wanted to do as her job, she was going to follow in her granddads footsteps and become an artist. I was so excited when she told me and i knew Edward would have been thrilled at Florence's news. I promised i would support her as she made her name as an artist because it can be very hard finacialy to start off as an unknow painter.

Once Florence had got back from the Town Hall, where she had resisted as a self employed artist, she came out to help me in the garden. There was a lot of work to do out there as it had really been neglected for the last week or two since Edwards death. 

Although when i saw the time i got all worried about the other stuff that needed to be done, the whole house needed to be cleaned, it hadn't been done for ages. Florence told me she would sort it out and i could stay in the garden as long as i wanted, which really did help to cheer me up. 

Florence headed inside and got on with the house work. First she called the repairman to come and fix the broken shower. It had been leaking for days but we just hadn't got round to calling someone out to fix it. 

Then it was all the laundry that needed to be done, so Florence put it all in the washing machine. It took a couple of loads to get it all done, But at leased we we're on top of the house work again. 

While Florence was tiding then house i started to feel all weird and tingly.  I wasn't sure what was going on. Then i saw a light and realized it was my time to go.

The grim reaper came over and shock my hand and i smiled at him. I had had a good long life and i was ready to go, but i still couldn't help but feel like i couldn't go yet, Florence needed me. 

The day of my funeral was only just a week after Edward so it was hard for Florence. But while at my grave she promised me she would do Edward and I proud and i knew she would. I'n my will i had left her everything so i knew she would be fine financially and she had the house so she had a roof over her head. All that was left for her to do was to make a name for herself.

Game Play Notes:
+ So i guess that the end of Betcy's story :(
+ I've loved playing her and her family, its been really fun and interesting. All the bits that have happened and gone wrong and all the surprises on the way, like Bertha's sudden death at the beginning of the story, or me forgetting to bring Florence home so she was out after her curfew, its all been great fun. 
+ Also sorry if it seems these last few chapters have been a little rushed or could have been split into more. There is valid reasons for this that i'm sure you can understand: firstly it was taking me so long to get on and write them so i just wanted to get them done, also i have about a billion other ideas i want to play and the fact Betcy's story ended about a month ago in my game. So yes after 10 months of blogging Betcy's story is over. 
+ However, you never know Florence's story may continue, although i don't have plans for her at the moment she is saved in the Sim bin with the possibility of carrying on her life. 
+ Finaly, ill shut up after this, i hope you have enjoyed reading about Betcy and her life, and i should be back soon with a new story or somthing, im not really sure yet.....

Thanks every one for continuing to read my blog, :)
Keep simming! 


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