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So now that Betcy's story is coming to an end i thought i would give you all a tour around her home. Its a house based on this house by Spechless, i absolutely loved the look of it from the outside so i recreated it in my game - i change it a bit but the basic shape is still there, also the layout is different to the original because it didn't meet my needs for the house. I think Betcy's house was one of the first houses i made on sims 3 so its not amazing, but at the time i was really happy with it. Anyways i hope you like it :) 

As you come in the front door you are in the, small but perfectly formed, hallway.

The first door on the right is Florence's bedroom which is at the front of the house. 

The second room is into Betcy and Edwards room which is at the back of the house.

The door straight in front of the front door is the bathroom. 

To the left of the hallway is an arch into the room i haven't named, it is just an extension of the hallway and kitchen, where you can sit and read by the fire so I guess its the reading/entertaining room or something along those lines, 
The second arch in the reading/entertaining room goes into the kitchen and dinning room. The door to the right of this picture is into the utility. 

The door by the fire in the reading/entertaining room goes into the main living room at the back of the house. Betcy has a wall to ceiling line of bookcases for all her many books shes collected over the years.

Out through the back door in the living room takes you to the patio and garden. This is where Edward spends most of his days at his art easel and Betcy spends her time gardening.

An overview of the houses floor plan. 
And the last few chapters of Betcy's story are on there way, promise, i just need to finish writing them up. Been a bit busy with real life and mock exams these last few weeks but I've got half term this week so i plan on getting at least one chapter done if not all of them finished and ready to post over the next month. Keep a look out for those and of course Keep Simming :)

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