Merry Christmas everyone, It's Betcy here. Christmas was a few weeks ago and we got very much into the Christmas spirit. Just before Christmas we put our tree up in the living room and decorated the rest of the house. It was all very festive. Christmas has to be my favorite time of year, all the celebrations and spending time with the family, its just lovely. Once the tree was up we all just looked at it, very happy with it, but also Florence got excited about all the presents underneath, shes still i little girl inside.

I sent Edward out a few weeks before Christmas with a list of all the gifts i wanted him to get,  and all the food for Christmas and new year. i'm sure Edward was thrilled with the size of the list, it was quite long, but i always end up buying too much food at Christmas. Never mind, it all tastes so good!

On Christmas morning i got up a little earlier than everyone and set about making breakfast. We had a little tradition of mine, pancakes. Every Christmas when i was a little girl my mum would make us all pancakes for breakfast and every year i would cook myself some. So this year, our first family Christmas, i did the same. 

When i finished making the pancakes i called Edward and Florence and we all sat around the table to eat. Edward and I were still in our pajarmas, Florence was already dressed and ready to open her presents. 

Once we had all finished eating and had got dressed we headed into the living room and gave each other our presents. I got a fantastic book about gardening from Edward and Florence. Florence and I got Edward a new goldfish after the last one had died -  along with painting Edward loves fish and fishing. For Florence we brought her a brand new laptop, which she loved, she gave us both a big hug and must have said thank you about a million times, so I'm guessing she liked it.

After our stuffed turkey Christmas dinner and all the excitement had began to die down, i cleaned the house and went to my room to have a look at my new book. It's a wonderful book, there's so much informational about all different plants and the best ways to grow them, so this will really help me with all my gardening.

Edward loves his new goldfish, which he has called Freddy, he loves to just stand and watch him swim about or feed him. He now wants to get a whole load of fish bowls and fill them with fish. However i just dont know were he thinks he's going to put them all, and frankly i don't want to live in an aquarium. So sorry Edward i think that idea is off the cards.

And of course after the million thank yous Florence just loves her new laptop. She played around on it all evening talking to her friends and telling them about her day, and seeing what they all got. I'm not sure were going to be able to get her off the thing when it comes to going back to collage next term. 

However you can't have Christmas without New Year following. We let Florence have a few friends from collage round and we invited some of the neighbors round to welcome the new year in with a party and some fireworks. Everyone came and had a really good night, and obviously at midnight we set off the fireworks, which put a beautiful display in the sky so the whole town to see.

The party was really nice and to celebrate with everyone was lovely. Although when they all left in the early hours of the morning me and Edward were so tired we just fell asleep on the bed straight away, we didn't even bother getting changed. I also decided to leave the tidying up till the morning, well when i could be bothered to get up. 
Looking back at the last few weeks its been lovely, i really enjoyed myseft. I'm just left very stuffed from all the food we ate and quite worn out, so it will be nice to get back to normality now after a good nights sleep and a few days rest. 
I guess all that's left to say is we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
From the Jones Family 

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